Re: The end of Privacy

den Otter (
Sun, 28 Jun 1998 01:02:19 +0200

Jim Barnebee wrote:

> Fortunately, we (I include the members of societies such as
> extropians) are not the masses. Any system that can be designed by
> people, can be overridden by people. If you are concerned that you might
> be one of the individuals in an upcoming pogrom, do something about it.
> Encrypt everything. Join the EFF or other groups dedicated to preserving
> privacy in the system. Write (continuously) to people in power critizing
> them for their actions which hurt privacy in the system, and
> complementing them for making appropriate decisions. As a last resort,
> expatriate yourself to a country or place with strict privacy laws.

For several reasons, starting your own nation would be the best
option if you want real change real quick (before the singularity).
Otherwise, prepare for sometimes decades-long struggles for
usually very modest changes.

> The bottom line is that most of us are smarter than most of them.
> That implies power. If we utilize this empowerment to create power-with
> in our society, the tantalizing possibility exists to create a utopia
> rather than a "Brave New World".

Yes, it's such a shame that all these people are at the brink
of enlightenment, but for some reason don't make the final step.
Transhumanism linked to a practical (based on facts) socio-political
worldview would be unbeatable, the best ideology ever. For example,
wealth and power are extremely important to reach "higher" goals,
or even to simply survive the coming changes, so let's stop treating
them as "dirty" words. The meek shall inherit the earth (if they're
lucky) - the bold everything else.