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>> >What do you think?
>> Looks like the same folks who proposed the Oceania (Oceana) idea.
>> All the quotes from Rand and Heinlein, and the links to anti-aging
>> sites (are there links to space ventures, too?)
>They have a project called "The International University of Advanced
>Studies", see below.
>"The International University of Advanced Studies, has been founded
>and is dedicated to teaching the disciplines and imparting the
>knowledge that will be needed in the next century for survival
>on Earth, the colonization of the oceans, and the exploration and
>colonization of space. Access to classes taught by the University
>may be obtained over the Internet."

Yup, that's Jim Davidson, all right.

Also, regarding Burch's comments re autonomy of this "country," it's
very refreshing to hear some solid info on this idea.

I wonder if there is indeed some appropriate location somewhere in the
world, another oil well platform, but one lying outside the 200 mile
jurisdiction of a neighboring country. Considering the recent
developments regarding the Channel Islands, Caymans, etc., perhaps the
time has indeed come for such a libertopia.

Such a libertopia could enhance cryonics research, etc. One could even
be cryopreserved premortem in such a location.