Re: The AI revolution (Was: Re: >H ART: The Truman Show)

den Otter (
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 00:41:42 +0200

Max M wrote:
> den Otter wrote:
> > That's just one way to develop AI. There might very well be others. In
> > any case, it wouldn't be very smart to just make an upgraded human
> > (with an attitude). Genie AIs is what we want, mindless servants.
> Then I think that your type of AI falls more into the categori of IA
> (Intelligence Amplification.) This is where very strong technical
> support systems enhances the human mind. But they are not self aware. A
> little like computers and the internet today, but only much smarter and
> more developed. Ingenious interfaces. Mindless Servants if you want.

Well, yes, that's basically what I want. Not a new kind of artificial,
superfast and highly intelligent humanoid with a "will", but a machine
that can (more or less autonomously) conduct research at a lightning
pace. A machine that doesn't ponder ethics, but rather dutifully serves
and protects humans becuase it's been programmed that way. All
that [turn out] to be either superfluous, or harmful to its efficiency
(at solving problems) should be left out.

Although this machine wouldn't be "conscious" like a human, it would
nonetheless still classify as "intelligent", since it could
learn from its own and other's mistakes or success, and improve
its performance. Is this what they call "weak" AI?