Re: Creationists

James (
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 20:49:49 +0100

Brent Allsop <> said:

>Good is good and bad is bad in my book. There can be no
>twisting of one into the other. I seek after and hope for perfect
>goodness and make no attempts to justify any evil. Any belief or
>acceptance of any idea or words like "we must allow some evil" is
>faithlessly giving up in despair to me. My hope and desire is to
>never give up until all evil is overcome. It is not consistent to
>have such a hope and to believe in a God.

Surely good and evil are relative terms? A person's action is not
_absolutely_ good or bad - it depends on things like your belief
system, emotional state etc. Say an alien race comes along to
Earth tomorrow, and after initial contact problems (their universal
translator is on the blink) they tell us that our Sun must be removed;
in 20,000 years it will come too close to a star they have a
population centre at. This would be bad for us Earthlings, but good
for the alien race.

Okay, so there are some flaws in this hypothetical situation, but you
must see my point. You are arguing that two human created
concepts are proof that another human creation - gods - do not
exist. There are far better ways to do that.