Okanna Borra (
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 14:42:14 +0100

>From: John K Clark <> wrote:

> >There won`t ever be an explanation in a real religion.
>True, and that's exactly why religion is garbage.

Religion is not garbage, most true religious belief systems don't pretend to
explain anything. Okay, admittedly there is some pretty lame physics in the
Bible, but the idea wasn't to give a true model, it was for something far
more noble.

This is really easy to understand, I can summarise in four words...


Science is our greatest method for finding truth, but religion generates

I think you'll find very little true meaning if you worship science alone. I
recommend Ken Wilber's latest book "The marriage of sense and soul" an
excellent attempt to integrate Science AND religion... It can be done, if
you want to do it...

I get the feeling you don't, however.... and your life will remain

>...I don't know what "freedom of spirit" means.

...and you never will until you find it, science won't give it to you,
meaning comes from a place outside the lab I hope you "get it" soon.

>..God and religion have nothing to say about morality, we already know
>they have nothing intelligent to say about the physical world so the only
>conclusion to draw is that the millions of words written by the pious are
>utterly vacuous.

Another conclusion to draw is that they have a deeper meaning that you'll
never understand if you continue to use your blinkered half-brained
approach. Try reading the above book using BOTH hemispheres and perhaps your
science will help your soul to find true meaning rather than bland
explanations and what are essentially only half-truths...

I'm not telling you to become religious, you are already a dedicated
worshipper of _S_cience and its High Priests, Fenyman, Sagan, et al.

I'm telling you that Science will lead you to the top of the mountain but
when you get there you'll have no idea what your looking at unless you
embrace your soul and take a little religion along too.

I'll say it again. Science will lead you to Truth, Religion will lead you to
meaning. Combine the two and you'll be the happiest man alive....

Avoid the Bible if it grieves you so, but find some spirit have you tried
Taoism? Lots of stuff that grooves with Physics!!! And Buddhism...

Lastly, don't fully embrace any religion just use your scientific method
to take the bits which work for you and discard the rest.

Good luck... its a beautiful path, enjoy the ride...

Okanna Borra