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Wed, 17 Jun 1998 09:00:21 -0700 (MST)

At 10:47 6/17/98 -0400, Harvey wrote:
>I confess, I am a fan of the X-files. I find the show fun.

I'll second this. I happened to catch this no-name show on Friday nights
while in high school five years ago. I've loved it ever since.

(Mulder-enlightenment deletia)

>The best thing about the show is that the main character can reject years of
>past belief when new scientific evidence shows him to be in error. I hope they
>can maintain this integrety, and don't "rescue" Mulder from "losing the faith".

But our friend Chris Carter has generously provided us with a balance in
Agent Scully. A medical doctor with years of thorough scientific training,
she was taken to the brink of death with this inoperable naso-pharyngeal
cancer, and one of the four possible reasons for her remission was...

a sudden turn back to the church and prayer to Incorporeal Deities,

(Then again, the more believable reason was the reimplantation of the
tracking chip in her neck...)

>My favorite episode was the one with Charlse Nelson Riley writing a book about
>a UFO abduction.

I found the one with the cryonic neuro-suspension patient controlling his
still-living autistic brother mildly amusing, as well.

>I find the show to be very extropian, and very true to life. There is
>confilicting information in the show.

That's the golden part. We get our choice of causes- (1) government
deception and interference, (2) faith in the supernatural, and (3) help from
the aliens.

> Even if everything in the X-files were literally true, I
>still would not believe in aliens while a true believer would think that the
>existance of aliens was indisputeable. I don't know how much more realistic
>they could get.

I guess we'll find out the answer to that this weekend. (Fight The
Future... I'm _so_ sure...)

"I'm not the one that causes the annihilation of mankind... you are."
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