Re: PGP5 W/ Eudora3 (was Re: free launch)

Alex Future Bokov (
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 18:13:33 -0400 (EDT)


The passphrase is the secret password you were asked to make up when PGP
was first installed on your computer... your password is required not only
to decrypt messages but also to sign them.

What's this? You don't know what password I'm talking about? I don't know
what happened, here's how you fix it (ONLY do this if you can't
remember/don't know the password).

But first, a word to the wise: when you're using PGP for the first time,
don't use the "Send Keys" option until you're sure you won't forget your
password or accidentally erase your private key (this happened to me and
now there are a couple of completely useless, undeletable keys floating
around forever). Once you know your way around (a day or so of playing
with it should be enough) then you can publicize your key.


* Find the files named secring.skr and secring.bak. They are in the same
folder as the rest of PGP. Rename them to something else, doesn't matter

* Launch PGP Keys either from the start menu or from the system tray. It
will notice that the secret key-ring doesn't exist, and after grumbling
about it will launch the PGP key-pair wizard. Follow the instructions for
creating your PGP key-pair.


* Find the folder where PGP was installed. Inside it is another folder
called "PGP Keyrings". Open it, and drag the "PGP Private Keys" file out
of there. If there is some sort of backup file, move it out of that folder

* Run PGP Keys. It will ask you whether to find the existing key ring or
generate a new key-pair. Choose to generate a new one, and it will launch
the PGP key-pair wizard. Follow the instructions for creating your PGP

On Sat, 13 Jun 1998, Michael M. Butler wrote:

> Chuck K writes:
> >PS - I have been trying to use PGP to sign these posts, but keep getting a
> >dialog that asks for my passphrase - again and again and again - could
> >someone give me a hint as to what I am doing wrong? I have Eudora Pro 3.0
> >and PGP 5 that came with the package..
> >
> >CAK
> >
> >
> >
> I too am intensely interested in getting this combo to work well. Any help
> would be greatly appreciated
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