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> I am not one for defending Christianity, but my reading of the New
> Testament seems to indicate that Jesus kept denying his divinity and kept
> telling his followers to stop treating him any differently than any other
> human. I believe that his followers are the ones who diefied him, as with
> many great men. The legend took on a life of its own, and has little
> relation to the actual history.

Interesting thought.

Also remember tht during the life of christ the little backwoods sect didn't
do too well. It was onlyafter that City Slicker...Saul of Taursus...on his
way to persecute some Christians....fell off his donkey....had his donkey
"talk" to him...experienced "revalation"...and began to promote the group he
previously persecuted.........

.....did the little sect really take off. Christ was long gone by then.