Re: MSNBC article on artificial humanity (cyborgs, Moravec, etc.)

Harvey Newstrom (
Mon, 08 Jun 1998 08:45:53 -0400

Scott Badger wrote:
> From: Max More <>
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> The web page above links to an article on hacking.

And a poor article at that. Peter Sommer, senior research fellow at the London
School of Economics says that to hit a major network you need to know "...what
back-up there is," "You would need to infiltrate someone into the
organisation," and "They would need to know how to write code and introduce it
onto the system."

Do any security experts on this list think that hacking involves back-ups?
that hacking requires a person on the inside? or that hacking requires code
writing and an entry point to run code on the system?

The article then goes on to dismiss teenage hackers as being "lucky" rather
than skillful when they crack into military computers. The article dismisses
Cyber Terrorism as being a "Theoretical Danger", but not actually likely to
ever happen.

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