Re: NodeNets and ExI: A step back?

Alex Future Bokov (
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 12:03:23 -0400 (EDT)


On Thu, 4 Jun 1998, Paul Hughes wrote:

> I can't help getting the feeling though that somehow such a system will in
> short time be abused by the occasional shortcomings of the NodeMaster, where
> personal feelings, egos and the like will keep otherwise intelligent posters
> from being included. Also, the intrinsic exclusivity of the NodeNet is almost
> completely retrograde to the evolution of the Net as a spontaneously ordered,
> open, agoric, free-marketplace of ideas.

How about this for a safeguard against NodeMaster abuse: two equal
NodeMasters for each list. Less workload for each individual nodemaster,
redundancy in case one of them goes on vacation or has a problem with net
access, and a lower chance that both of them will try to make an
irrational decision about the same thing.

By the way, Max, you mentioned the logistics of charging for access to
NodeNet for non Exi members as a concern. How about this as a pricing

1. Anyone can read the lists for free, but to search the list
archives they have to have membership?

2 Have the subscription be free for a couple of months, until demand
starts to grow, and then start charging.

3. Have read-only access be free, but read-write access carry a fee,
except for those invited? (I conceed that this might not be such a good

4. I don't know what your internet access is like, but perhaps breaking
into the ISP business? Many ISPs provide access first and content as an
afterthought, but here we'd be selling them content and access as equal
parts of the same package. This is probably the most difficult and risky
of the ideas, but if we can get it to work...

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