Re: Polymath List: Re: Extropians list to become two lists

Damien R. Sullivan (
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 18:22:25 -0700 (PDT)

On Jun 1, 11:23pm, Paul Hughes wrote:

> However, in the end, it is the intrinsically elitist and *fallible* judgment
> of one person (no offense Damien) that determines who gets to participate
> and who doesn't. I don't see Max More, Dan Clemmensen or Daniel Fabulich on
> the list - all of whom have had substantial influences on my own thinking.

People were invited to the list who didn't join. About half the initial
invitation list, in fact. And it's not just my judgement; Robin helped a lot
on the initial list, and I run to him and Carl Feynman for advice.

That said, I'm not perfectly happy with the list myself. But I'd like less
Singularity type stuff, not more. I've thought of raiding a few Names from
the SF newsgroups, but haven't yet.

> However with a big "Sigh", I have yet to determine a more sustainable way to
> maintaining a high S/N other than the way Damien has approached it. Anybody
> know of alternatives?

Start similar lists, with other hosts. I've thought of polymath-list as a
"neo-Enlightenment salon". Nothing wrong with multiple salons and polite
competition. The technical barriers to entry are pretty low. The reputation
barrier is higher, of course; rather like Internet banking.

Tip: it may help if the host is not the youngest person on the list. And the
host should be willing to look around for good new blood, whereas I need to
focus more on my life, and these days skim most of extropians, even the
intellectual property thread.

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