Re: Ambiguous or just uncertain?

Hara Ra (
Tue, 02 Jun 1998 00:35:43 -0700

Alas, the confusion.

What we have here is that the experiment has observed results. If the
experiment is done properly, all observed results are 100% TRUE.

Viewing the results, one can determine if the photon had one or more
paths from source to target. Quantum Mechanics lets us calculate the
various possible results depending on the path options available when
the experiment is run.

If there is more than one path, QM can accurately calculate the resulting
detection pattern. However, QM has nothing to say regarding questions
like "which slit".

I guess apples and oranges are not fuzzy, but peaches are....

J Clark:
>I'm certain that some things can be 100% true and others 100 % false, and my
>opinion may even be correct, but even if so it doesn't follow that all
>have this all or nothing property. Which slot did that particle go through?
>If you insist that my answer be non fuzzy then there are only 4 possible
>answers I can give you, right, left, both, and neither. Unfortunately each
>these 4 answers is equally unsatisfactory.
>Is the statement "the particle went through the left slot" 100% true?
>No it's not true, but the strange thing is that its logical negation is not
>true either.

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