Re: Bad Physics

Damien Broderick (
Tue, 02 Jun 1998 11:34:43 +0000

At 09:42 PM 5/31/98 -0700, JKC wrote:

>Tony Hollick latest post is, as usual, full of errors

Yes, but it's hard not to feel some deep-in-the-bone sympathy with his
qualms about paradoxa in QT and Relativity. This might mean nothing more
profound than a mismatch between human-scale expectations, perhaps
pre-wired by evolution, and the real substrate of the universe, or it might
be a clue to something truly radical awaiting physics.

I note that the April 25 *New Scientist* (which I haven't seen) apparently
reports on one Anton Zeilinger's demonstration (presumably on paper) that
quantum photon entanglement can be extended to 2 sets of twins. If one
photon from each otherwise independent pair becomes entangled, this has
curious and unexpected consequences for the states of the very distant
partners. I wonder how far this can be extended? We might end up,
horrifyingly, with something like the universal entanglement preached by
New Age quantum bliss merchants... :(

Damien Broderick