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Ian Goddard (
Mon, 01 Jun 1998 16:38:10 -0400

At 03:34 PM 6/1/98 +0200, Anders Sandberg wrote:

>Ian Goddard <> writes:
>> I've seen some counter the theory that the
>> left brain is the technical mathematical side
>> of the brain and the right brain is the artistic
>> visual side of the brain (they probably both play
>> a role in those functions to some degree).
>The huge difference between the hemispheres is is largely a myth,
>there is no fundamental difference in how they work. It is just that
>the functions tend to be lateralized when they have no direct
>connection to sensory input or actions requiring both sides of the
>body. Mathematics can be both logical-verbal and artistic-visual, so
>there is no strong reason to think it will be found on one side or the

IAN: Something that occurred to me that other
day is in-line with what you say. I'm a very
visual art-oriented person, and I always had
trouble with math, but if I can see what's
the math is describing, bingo, I get it quick.

It occurred to me that some others don't have
to see it to "see it," so to say, and those
others that I know of are very much not-art-
istic, very, shall we say, "left-brained,"
to coin the "myth." But what occurred to me
was that they MUST be seeing it internally,
and thus people like me may actually have
a internal visual deficit for which external
visual stimuli acts as a compensation. This
would tend to imply that those that we call
"left brained" actually have some variety of
advanced internal visualization. I say some
kind because artists such as myself do have
strong internal visual capabilities, but in
the case of fast math learners, this seems
to map out a utilization of the right side,
such that, as you note, the idea that math
isn't utilizing the right side is not true.


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