Re: >H Hayflick on death and immortality

Ralph Lewis (
Sat, 30 May 1998 15:54:24 -0700

Cori, obviously you don't teach undergraduates in California. 20% of my
college juniors and seniors in a junior level class are academically functioning
at or below middle school level.
That is todays norm!

Best Wishes, Ralph Lewis

At 04:14 PM 5/30/98 EDT, you wrote:
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><< Could it really be that, of the
> aprrox. 6 billion people on earth, only a couple of hundred or so really
> rationally ? >>
>frightening...but all too possible...ok, maybe it's in the
>seems to me that the problem is that thinking takes too much effort for most
>people. far easier to let someone else think for them, f'r instance, their
>"Psychic Hotline"...
>i realise that my posts tend to sound a little disparaging of the mental
>abilities of most people, but the evidence is all 'round me, in the papers, on
>tv, even just walking down the block. i am often astounded at the sheer
>ignorance, stupidity, and obliviousness i witness.
>i'd be interested to know how the list feels about this. do you feel that
>people in general are smarter than they are given credit for?..does it only
>seem as if the general level of knowledge, understanding, and intelligence is
>slipping?..or is this a legitimate concern?
>i dislike to be so negative, but at least once a day i find myself frustrated
>or inconvenienced by someone's boneheadedness
>i'd appreciate some feedback from the list.. thanks.Cori
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