Re: Big Dinosaurs
Fri, 29 May 1998 17:22:04 EDT

Ok...let me summarize what I think I understand.

A long time ago there were supercontinents...pangea and gondawondaland. These
huge landmasses allowed for tremendous ranges supporting the evolution of
extremely large animals.

Also...very large critters are an evolutionary response to cooling
enviromental cooling. Witness whales living in artic waters. The megafauna
of the Ice Ages.

That being the case the HUGE dinosaurs would seem to have been ice age
critters also?

Hmmmmmmm.....Brontosaurs wading thru snowdrifts munching from the tops of
then-equivalent pine forests? Stegasaurous being the equivalent to Bison?..
Allasuraus being that peroids's dire wolves?

Every critter fills a niche...

How for wrong am I?

But that leaves the question....64 million years ago when the dinokiller hit.
Was it glacial? Was Gondawandaland (or pangea?) dispersed to be the map we
are more familair with today? After all the dinoblaster is reputedly resting
beneath the gulf waters near the Yucatan. Were the big dino's already gone

Help putting this all in perspective would be appreciated.