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> << Bulworth and the Socialist Critique of Capitalism
> don't you wish you could vote for a guy that'd speak his mind that
> way?...:-)
in the 1992 presidential election ross perot had a running mate whose
name escapes me, but he was a man who spoke his mind. very unpolitical.
i wished we could toss ross and get him to run for president... {8^D spike

The name of the Admiral escapes me as well.... sad, no?...
At any rate, I didn't mean that I would vote for any person that spoke his/her
mind just on that basis alone. I mean that it would certainly be refreshing
to have candidates that didn't speak in scripted sound bites. However I must
say that I do believe we get the sort of candidates we deserve in that we seem
willing to tolerate the bickering and attention to character assassination
that is the mark of the vast majority of campaigns...
I am told repeatedly that "that's the way the world is", but I rather think
that if fewer people accepted that BS answer, then the world wouldn't be that
way... but then, that takes effort and thought. Something most people seem
loathe to engage in....