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Mon, 25 May 1998 01:18:24 -0400

At 12:36 AM 5/23/98 -0700, Hara Ra wrote:

>After all the ballyhoo regarding TWA Flight 800, especially
>by Ian Goddard, I note with some irony that the FAA has been
>inspecting jets with similar construction (ie, power and signal
>cables in the center fuel tank) and GUESS WHAT! A number of
>inspected planes have faulty wiring, some with arc burns which
>holed the conduit in the fuel tank, many with chafed wiring
>exposing the conductor, etc.

IAN: Maybe it was such a spark that over 100
witnesses saw shoot up, trailing white smoke to
take down the plane, at least 96 of whom saw it
originate on the surface. But I doubt that any
of the wires of a 747 at 13,700 ft would also
be located on the surface of the ocean, or
even if so, arch 13,700 ft to the plane.

Also, while the NTSB cannot say how a spark could
get into the CFT, there's no reason to believe that
even if one did that it would cause an explosion.
The fuel used in commercial jets is Jet A-1, which,
unlike gasoline, does not easily explode. You can
put out a cigarette in Jet A-1. It is not until
the fuel is 127 degrees that it becomes flammable.

The FBI/CIA Evergreen test claiming to prove
that the fuel in a test plane was flammable at
14,000 did so in a plane with a 17-degree hotter
ambient temperature than existed in TWA 800!

See letters from Commander Bill Donaldson:

Furthermore, fuel explosions are weak explosions.
Fuel explosions are * combustions * NOT detonations.
A combustion is when the explosive reaction travels
through the explosive material at a subsonic rate.
A combustion in the center of the plane will not
rip the nose off of the plane (which was the
first thing that happened). I could list many
examples of physical damage that occurred to
the plane and the passengers that define
high-velocity forces far in excess of
any low-velocity vapor combustion.

The CFT theory is a crackpot theory that may be
"good enough" to fool some of the people some of
the time, but not all of the people all the time.



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