Re: ATTN: MAX MORE: Misrepresentation of Extropy

Christian Whitaker (
Sun, 24 May 1998 14:55:08 PDT

On May 24, Michael Lorrey wrote:
>I want to let you know that the Planet One website, which seems to be a
>large personal networking website that allows you to contact/get in
touch with
>people with similar interests or in similar organizaitons, defines
Extropians in
>its data base as a Religious Organization. I suggest that Max More
contact them
>about this....

I can easily see how this mistake could be made. Certainly
Extropianism concerns itself with the same issues that traditional
religions address; the role of the individual in society, ethics, the
nature of the universe, the pursuit of immortality.
Planet One's label in half correct. It falls apart in that
Extropians are antithetical to any organization except spontaneous
organization. Perhaps they should be contacted and informed that
Extropianism is a Religious Disorganization.

-Christian Whitaker

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