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Pet Cloning, Homegrown Steak & Cell Phone Spying


Pussycats might soon live more than nine lives. Prepare
yourself for the next wave of future shock -- pet cloning.

A Las Vegas company called Clonaid says that by September it
will start duplicating dogs and other household critters. Pet
owners will never again have to suffer the loss of a beloved.

"This is the next step toward human cloning, our ultimate
goal," said Clonaid scientific director Dr. Brigette
Boisselier. "We have been contacted by many people who want to
give there pets eternal life."

Clonaid is closely associated with the Raelian Movement, a
group founded in the 1970s that believes life on earth was
created in laboratories by space aliens known as the Elohim.
Their founder, Rael, says, "Cloning will enable mankind to
reach eternal life."

"We foresee no legal hurdles and less ethical resistance than
with human cloning," Boisselier says.

The cloning procedure for a horse will probably cost at least
$100,000, she says. Other animals may be cheaper based on
their size and gestation period.

Not sure when you want to send in the clones? Try Clonaids
Insuraclone. With this service, Fidos cells are stored in
something akin to a blood bank. If he ever chews on the wrong
bone, you then decide whether you want to defrost a

Cloning Tip: If your pet dies, dont pack it in ice and ship it
to Clonaid. For best results, deep freeze the pooch in liquid