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Tue, 19 May 1998 18:26:55 -0400

The SHO master c.c. wrote:

> Can we really put a definite definition to the word truth?
> If you believe we can then consider:
> 1. truth is in the eye of the beholder
> 2. bias truth
> a. hitler is viewed as evil by the majority for ordering the
> death of millions, yet Einstien is viewed as good when in actuality
> he killed millions more than hitler

Name them. THis is a bald faced lie. If you are claiming that deaths due to nuclear power are his fault, his primary responsibility,
recall that he was not involved in the Manhattan Project in any way. All he ever did was write a letter to President Roosevelt for some
colleagues who were the people who developed the bomb. Even if he was responsible, less than a couple hundred thousand people worldwide
have died due to nuclear power, and most at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I would say that since nuclear power is what created the cold war,
and the prospect of Nuclear Winter made us second guess the idea of fighting nuclear war, we have most certainly avoided an open and
heinous Third World War between the Communist and Capitalist nations. In this scenario, we have to thank Einstein for saving billions of

> b. Columbus discovered America, usually discovery is of the unknown (America was already known, and inhabited) and he never saw
> America

Columbus discovered the New World, which is made up of all bodies of land connected to or neighboring the continents of North and South

> 3. my truth is not necessarily your truth, and yours not mine

Since truth is merely highly accurate information, if you have information A and I have information B, whoever has the most accurate
information is the one who has THE truth. You may beleive that the sky is yellow, while I may beleive that it is blue. Spectral analysis
of the light the atmosphere diffuses will fall within that band of the spectrum which any human being will call 'blue'. Therefore I know
an absolute truth, while you are merely either misinformed or self deceived, or both.

> 4. truth is only a test of you collected knowledge, there fore the
> more knowledge the more truth

The more accurate the knowledge is, the closer to an absolute truth it is.

> 5. all truth has the option of being bias

i.e. all information is capable of being distorted by a liar. A liar cannot tell the truth, therefore, biased information is not truth.

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