Re: List quotes...

christopher whipple (
Sat, 16 May 1998 15:04:30 -0400

Oh yes, I almost forgot... I'm looking for a movie file of a cube being
manipulated in 4 dimensions. I've got movies of 5D and 6D cubes, and I
can upload them to a server if people would care to see them... but I'm
still looking for a cube in 4D's of rotation.


christopher whipple wrote:
> Greetings.
> I try to remain fairly quiet on this list, reading and learning are
> more important to me than trying to express my own paradigm(s).
> However, recently I've had to limit my time with this list, and the
> other three that I'm on (Church of the Virus, Advanced Freedom
> Solutions, FringeWare News) because of final projects for my Freshman
> year of college.
> Upon returning home, I noticed that I'd amassed approximately 2000
> unread emails from these four lists. I'm now in the process of sorting
> through them all, pulling meaningful quotes along the way.
> I will notify this list again when I have finished, and will then
> proceed in HTMLing these quotes - posting the URL.
> The interesting thing is that I've decided not to credit these quotes to
> anyone, and sorting through them will (most likely) be great fun for
> all.
> Take care,
> --christopher/byteboy