Re: Phoney Unicorns

Ian Goddard (
Sat, 16 May 1998 09:14:01 -0400

At 04:21 AM 5/16/98 -0700, Yak Wax wrote:

>There's an on-going fight between you and those who don't
>agree with you, and from my perspective you seem to be the one to
>provoke the fight. As I said, I think you should put your ideas
>before upstaging those who don't agree with them.

IAN: That proves that your perspective
is flawed. You equate ad hominem with
disagreement. That's as bad as ad hominem.

>> It's the goal of inquiry to make observa-
>> tions, make claims, and test them against
>> counter claims. But to react with cursing
>> and name calling is an affront to inquiry.
>Again, I'm terribly sorry - what I meant was to say, "this isn't
>getting you anywhere." My post was a virtual 'glass of water in the
>face' to snap you out of it.

IAN: I'll continue to rebut ad hominem
with laying down a mandate for logic.
Folks like you will probably continue
to react by throwing things in my face.
Inquiry, just like freedom, isn't free.

I think you've posted enough scolding of me.

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