RE: Offered without comment or warranty

Webb_S (
Wed, 13 May 1998 15:02:07 -0400

I think this is the most telling part:

>The category Imagination Deficient Personality is not offered as a
>mental illness, or scientifically proven personality trait. It is
>instead a category which helps to organize and understand what is
>happening in cases of skepticism. Instead of dividing skeptics into
>usual two categories of "negative nay-sayers" and "atheists", we can
>instead see that many of them are really just imagination deficient.

I didn't realize that all skeptics were either "negative nay-sayers" or
"atheists". Where'd he learn this, at Maharishi International
University? At least the author recognizes that "imagination deficient"
isn't a "scientifically proven" trait. Apparently it's just a label to
apply to people who question the validity of "imaginative" subjects like
Transcendental Meditation and quantum metaphysics.

Oops, I'm being unimaginative again. Better go check my blood