Re: Offered without comment or warranty

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Wed, 13 May 1998 00:26:07 EDT

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<< Are you a later-born, Anders? Max? Natasha? Greg? Keith? John?
Anyone? >>

hmmm... i'm in the middle...and quite imaginative...and extremely skeptical...

skeptical at least of claims to powers/abilities/knowledge that aren't
repetively demonstrable. time and a gian i've read of so and so who can
predict such and such or telekinesis or what have you... i haven't anything
against believing these folks..i'd love it if such were possible... but show
me! step out to the corner with me and grab a fellow and random and tell me
how much change he has in his pockets...
levitate my car into the air... too heavy?..fine i'll settle for my car
keys... do it again... and again... in front of others. this whole idea of
the "powers" not working if i "don't believe" or if the wind is coming from
the southeaast or if i'm wearing a blue shirt or whatever the excuse is, is
what makes me and most others doubt the claimants...

the sheer amount of fakery and fraud associated with the field is not the
fault of the skeptics after all. disbelief and a roll of the eyes is to be
expected in an area so rife with lousy controls, unduplicated data, wild
claims from all corners and outright liars... psychic friends network
anyone?... yeesh...