Re: Near-Term Scenarios

Fireeye978 (
Mon, 11 May 1998 20:43:02 EDT

>>Completely, just think what would happen if the world transfered its money
from the military to other things. There are benefits though, like the
military spends a lot of money on research.<<

couldn't a civilian group spend the money just as well?..;-)

seriously, i was thinking that a large factor in the high cost is the simple
fact that many if not most of the items discussed on this list; augmentation,
cloning, tissue regeneration, space exploration and colonization, etc.. are of
value to a very small number of people...or rather the majority of folks seem
to feel that way... that is to say that it seems very few can or will see the
possible long term benefits of R & D in such areas...if only we had the same
sort of ad campaigns as used to sell shoes and candy and jeans and.....