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> Subject: Re: WORM HOLES(where you would end up)
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> Date: 07 May 1998 11:15:16 +0200
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> ChuckKuecker <> writes:
> > Has anyone figured out how to tell if two black holes are paired with a
> > wormhole? I can think of a situation where all black holes reach 'into'
> > another space - so that if you pass through any entry, you can choose from
> > all possible exits. Russian roulette, anyone?
> Hardly. First, the wormhole into another space you get in the ordinary
> Schwartzschild metric is non-traversable, it collapses (from the
> travellers perspective) before anything gets through (and the presence
> in the past of a collapsing star wrecks it in the first place). Things
> are better in the charged (Reisser-Nordström) or rotating (Kerr) black
> hole metrics, where you have not just one but an infinity of
> exits. Unfortunately infinite blueshifts and other nastiness most
> likely both fries you and modifies the rather unstable metric to make
> it impossible to get through.
> (see Lecture Notes on General Relativity by Sean M. Carrol,
> for a good introduction to GR and
> some discussion of these spacetimes)
> I don't think black holes are very useful for transport; they have
> emerged due to gravitational collapse, not because posthumans should
> get cheap travel. If we want wormholes, we better make them ourselves
> (my guess is that creating local inflation could be used to magnify
> ordinary quantum wormholes; the high energy quantum gravity
> engineering involved is left as an exercise for the student :-)

Is this actually true, has anyone discovered a worm hole? I think he
is right. Buy this I mean knowone has traveled through a black hole,
therefor knowone knows what is inside of it (and do not say but we
have sent satilights into them).
If a blackhole were actually a worm hole then it would travel to a
parellel universe, a universe that is off of any of our current
universal tracking. So I belive it could verywell be possiable for
a blackhole and a worm hole to be the same thing at times.