Re2: Why Atheism Beats Agnosticism

Prof. Gomes (
Tue, 5 May 1998 18:39:40 -0200 (GRNLNDDT)

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> So don't fall into the common misconception that all atheists assert the
>nonexistence of God. There are degrees to atheism, some that do assert that
>the concept of God is unintelligible and therefore God can't exist, and then
>there are some atheists that are without theistic belief because the theist
>cannot provide sufficient evidence to the existence of God(s).
>... Steve Butts

For example, there is a classification of atheists that is:

Positive Atheists x Negative Atheists.

The former are all those who do not believe in god by logical positive
reasons and are sure of that, f.ex. because of scientically based reasons.
In second class are all the rest, who deny god's existence simply by
negative reasons. There are included those who don't believe in god because
they think there is so much bad in the world, or their mothers, in general
religious, hit them a lot when they were children or because they lost the
love of their lives and so do not believe anymore... These are not even
considered serious atheists and at the first laugh of a girl/boy in a
religious cult ( or even someone pass the hands on their asses... :) ),
turn to be great believers...: "God made marvelous things to me... Alelujah
!!! " ... they have just psychological ( even if little ) problems or social
non-adjustments... got it ???

Positive Atheist
"Wanna be a positive atheist ?: Just read the bible, with inteligence..."