Re: Christian Society

Prof. Gomes (
Tue, 5 May 1998 13:27:54 -0200 (GRNLNDDT)

The main problem for me is not such interpretation, just because I suppose
they did not even know Everest... And the greater mountain for them was
possibly Sinai...They were, in general, an ignorant people, with almost no
great commerce or knowledge of the rest of the world... They were weak, lots
of times were taken as slaves... Just after, at the time of Solomon or
David, they got a little more importance... Their main difference was the
religiousty with a monotheist image of the supposed god was of a Good
Father... This made them different from Greek ( = Roman ) Theology... And,
talking about good things and look: ressurrection... they "made the minds"
of other people... ( Note that Christians were nothing more than
revolutionary ( in the philosophical sense... ) Neo-Jews, for that time... )

>That's not the worst of it.
>It rained so much as to cover the mountain (and don't forget that the
>fountains of the earth opened up to help out). That would be
>Everest, which according to my almanac (I found the damn thing
>again) is 29,028 feet above sea level.
>It did this in only 40 days and 40 nights = 960 hours. The water
>level rose at an average of 363 inches per hour. Even if only 10% of
>that is rain (the rest being from the fountains of the earth), that's
>a yard of rain an hour. A heavy Midwestern rainstorm delivers maybe
>four inches an hour.
>With a yard of rain an hour, Noah didn't need an ark.
>He needed a submarine.
>an ark.