Re: extropian galactic colonization

Anders Sandberg (
05 May 1998 11:33:42 +0200

"Jones, Spike" <> writes:

> ok here ya go. this is a list of the 150 nearest stars converted
> to rectangular coordinates. you can copy and paste the table
> below into microsloth excel or rendering programs, etc.

Huh? Where did it go?

> it can be seen that the same mother nature that gave us such
> a wonderful planet on which to evolve dealt us a lousy hand
> for colonizing the rest of the galaxy. first of all, we are soooo
> far from the center of the galaxy.

But remember, inner city violence can be rather high. It may be rather
unhealthy to live close to the core as long as one is based on fragile

> second, none of the nearest
> four stars are a good bet for colonizing: the closest is too small,
> the second and third are too close to each other, so that they may
> have long since cast away their raw materials we need to build
> things. the fourth closest is too small. and after that, they are
> getting awfully far away... {8-[ darn it to heck. spike

Hmm, I think you make a mistake here. If you can travel four or five
ly, why not six or eight? And then we are getting some interesting
neighbors. It is indeed hard to travel interstellar distances, but if
can manage them there is no real difference between 4 and 10

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