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>if there is interest, i will
> > post the results of converting the declination, right ascention
> > tables into rectangular coordinates.
>It would be nice to get that data, I could always do a rendering of

i did render it. i dropped it into a java app that draws molecules with
an x,y,z table. then you can grasp the molecule and spin it. i enjoyed
grasping and spinning our little corner of the universe...
> > with this information, one can see that the sun is a relatively
> > lonely star. one can also see that the nearest star will not
> > necessarily be the first colonized... spike
>How do you mean? Judging from the local starmaps I have seen the
>lies in a fairly normal neighborhood (in the middle of a gas-free
>bubble some tens of ly across). Maybe you got some bias in your

relatively lonely but still typical, yes. many of the other stars have a
nearby companion. i guess the best way to present the data would
be just append to a message? without enclosing as a microsloth
excel worksheet. i will try to get that together tomorrow... spike

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