Re: Hyper-AI's vs Transhumans was: ECON The Abolition Of Work

Paul Hughes (
Sun, 03 May 1998 14:09:49 -0700

Dan Clemmensen wrote:

> I think you are making some unsupported assumptions:
> -- you asusme that AIs are separate entities.
> -- you assume that augmented humans are separate entities.
> -- you assume a polarization between humans and AIs

AhhhhHHHHHHh! Please *READ* my post as you obviously *didn't* the first

You missed my entire my point which showed exactly that. I'll repeat it

**There is NO meaningful difference between Hyper-AI's and Transhumans.**

Now that I've made that clear, my conclusions regarding the argument of
'who grants rights to who' becomes moot.


P.S. Why are so many people on this list so preoccupied with shredding
peoples arguments that they don't even bother reading or trying to
understand what other people are writing? If there is a loss of S/N on
this list, it's due in large part to people putting their ego's and elitist
bully attitudes first over genuine and healthy discussion and debate. Am I
alone on this list in thinking this way?