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Fri, 1 May 1998 19:32:43 -0500 (CDT)

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>A similar fear is that of industries kept in place by government
>coercion, such as copyrights and patents. It is assumed that
>those industries--publishing, music, software--will be decimated
>if those "protections" are removed. That's absolutely right--and
>equally cause for celebration, as the human spirit of creativity
>is released from the bonds of labor, free to create and influence
>all other industries toward an even higher standard of living,
>more art, more writing, and more software.

At present, one of my ventures is in a patent dispute with a large,
government connected corporation. They filed a patent on a concept we
developed some time before we filed, but after they could have seen some of
our preliminary work. We have spent five years developing this technology,
and they would like to legally steal it. By the way - our patent was issued,
and they brought an 'interference' suit to force the PTO to decide who is
legally entitled to coverage.

As long as it takes large amounts of capital to develop a patent or
copyrighted work, we will need this protection, as unscrupulous persons are
then free to let you do the designing and then sell your idea without giving
you any value.

When anyone can make anything instantly, and no one has to earn money to
survive, then copyrights and patents can be dispensed with, and there will
be no business or commerce at all.

Chuck Kuecker

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