Re: our best intrests

Paul Hughes (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 23:17:06 -0700

Scott Badger wrote:

> But I have another question. Can anyone direct me to an expose' which
> addresses the criteria by which it will be determined who gets
> transhumanized and in what order?

This question seems to assume that we've collectively ordained some kind of
organized centralized process around *who* gets 'transhumanized'. There are so
many advancements on so many fronts around the world towards realizing
transhumanist goals, that such a centralized process as you suggest would be

The first ones to get 'transhumanized' will most likely be those who have the
imagination, will, talent, skill, motivation, desire, passion, luck, wealth or
combination of all of them to seize transhumanist opportunities when they
present themselves.

> I do just want to say that I am very pleased to have discovered this
> newgroup. I sense kindred souls here, and am very impressed with the level
> of intelligence and articulation. These ideas are damn exciting. Thanks
> everyone.

Glad to have you aboard! :-)

Paul Hughes