Re: Science, Religion & Truth

A. J. Buckingham (
Sun, 26 Apr 1998 19:53:40 -0700

>At 08:51 AM 4/25/98 -0700, Yak Wax wrote:
>>I recently said there was one thing in _Contact_ that's been on my
>>mind recently, now thanks to the flurry of responses there's another.
>>At the end of the film the overall message seems to be that science
>>and religion don't have to be opponents because they both seek to
>>attain the same goal - truth. I think this is wrong and is a
>>fundamental reason for the religious opposition to science. Science
>>does not seek "truth" that is the sole aim of religious groups.

I've recently read a book written by Ken Wilber that does a very good job of attempting
to recouncile this battle between science and religion. The book is called 'Sense
and soul'. If you find this book to be
of interest as I did you might take a shot at reading 'Science, sex and ecology'
by the same author.

I would like to hear what the 'extropian' view of his
work is, so please, do comment. (Does anyone have any
views on A.G.E. Blake's 'The intelligent enneagram'?)

I want to take this time to mention that this extropy
"cult" exhibits the most positive and realistic approach to addressing our
future that I've come across yet.

Also 'cult' tends to connote a kind of worship, a reliance on faith (unempirical),
I have not observed this behavior in 'extropianers'. But I have observed a kind
of religious fervor in the opposition of extropian views... (;


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