Re: Erik's Fallacy

Ian Goddard (
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 17:38:54 -0400

At 09:19 PM 4/25/98 +0200, Erik Moeller wrote:

>I would not call the ExI a sect, but I would call Scientology a sect. I
>would, however, call both cults. Because "cult" is a very broad word, many
>groups fit under this description. Most, but not all of them are negative.

>The ExI is, in my opinion, negative because it promotes ideas that are,
>based on my knowledge, harmful to humanity.

IAN: So "some cults are negative" and you think
"extropian ideas are negative," therefore ExI
is a cult. Supported further by the fact that
ExI holds regular meetings, and therefore per-
forms "rituals." Why bother with such strained
argumentation to achieve an insult? Just argue
over the philosophical principles. The insult
thing is just an ad hominem variety of counter.

BTW, your comments on the "optimism" post were
very enlightening and wise. My revolutionary
style is exactly what I've felt is reckless.
But I have trouble breaking out of it. Full
frontal attacks on a cover-up may in fact
only make it dig its heels in deeper.??

Maybe you should also consider such with
respect to your attacks on Extropianism.
The way to change things is to work with
them, not to insult and demolish them.

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