Ad: Your Personal Invitation to Spiritual & Financial Prosperity

Brian D Williams (
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 14:51:19 -0600

Do you feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled at your current job?
Looking to work in a field that expresses your values?
Have you ever longed for a deeper meaning in your life?
Are you searching to fulfill that desire in your lifes work?
Seeking to unlock your pure potentiality in all area's
of life, Spiritual, Emotional, & Financial ?

OK, Now to thy own self to true: Can you say yes to the
above questions? Can you believe your time has come?
If so we believe we have the vehicle to take you there .

You can generate a substantial income as you progress on
your own personal quest for spiritual transformation and
fulfillment while helping others to do the same . How ?
By simply interviewing like-minded, kindred spirits from
the comfort of your home. ( no personal selling involved )

Our self-empowering, life transforming courses link people
to their "Higher Power" opening their heart, mind, and
spirit to their intuitive voice and light within.

We can offer you:
* A true work at home business , from your telephone,
fax or the internet.
* A personal 90% profit margin, Not MLM !
* No inventory, no personal selling
* Complete personal training, and support.
* An unlimited spiritual and financial potential

For more information : Call 1-800-797-5696 when the recording
answers press 1 as a first time caller , your three digit access code
will be 171 . After the brief message please leave your name,
telephone # (include area code) and a good time to reach you.

Transform the world within, and the world without will follow,
one person, one mind, one spirit, at a time starting with you.

Our apologies if you feel this message is intruisive or was
inappropriately sent to you, or if we have offended you in
sending it. To ensure that we do not make this mistake
again, please hit "reply" and simply enter "Remove" in
the subject line. Thank you.