Re: Why atheism beats agnosticism (Was: Re: Contacting God) ("")
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 11:17:00 +0200

> From: Erik Moeller <>

>> Pick a fight, yeah. Maybe with people who don't even want to fight. And still battle them, until their beliefs are shaken in their fundamentals.Maybe drive them into suicide.<<

The meek might be spared the harsh reality of their affliction, but the
militant ones should be given hell, so to speak. You know, an eye for an

>> I work with fundamental Christians. Although I have all the knowledge to refute their beliefs completely, I don't. Why should I interfere with other people's lives?<<

To save them, mentally and physically?

>> But a militant atheist could destroy these lives, even with
words only. That's specific for religion, because it is irrational, it
is always attackable. But the emotions connected with the religous
beliefs are not. And that's why you cannot predict how someone whose
worldview has just been destroyed will react.<<

You underestimate the power of the religion meme. It's almost impossible
to remove it; it gets stronger when attacked (the poor martyr sub-meme).
No amount of reason will suffice, god knows I've tried ;-) Should the
unthinkable happen (it's a miracle!) and you
*do* succeed in turning someone away from religion, than you have
an excellent replacement meme readily at hand: transhumanism. It
offers the same advantages as religion (belief in immortality, "heaven",
ascension etc.) minus the nasty/useless stuff. "Do not serve God, but
become him"

>> I wouldn't call that mindfucking. I would call it mind rape. And it's a type of coercion, too.<<

I would call it leaving a serious mental condition untreated.