Networked Art

Remi Sussan (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 16:48:03 +0200

Yak wax and Anders :
Yak Wax <> writes:

>>A few years ago I had an idea for my very own work of art which I have

> >yet to act on. Commonly the value of art is directly associated with

> >its rarity. So I propose (assuming I'm not too late) a kind of
> >"Network Art" which increases in value when it increases in ubiquity
> >(like all good networks). I propose this as a sort of play on the
> >popular definition of what makes art "valuable" and a homage to the
> >network age.

>A fascinating idea. What about running it as a distributed
>evolutionary system where each node allows users to breed new
>artworks, which then diffuse to appear at other nodes or become part
>of the art produced there? The more people who used the system the
>more diversity and computer power there would be. One could even have
>slightly different nodes, some where one creates 3D objects a la
>Latham and some that produce 2D art (which can be used as textures for
>the 3D stuff) and so on.

check and click on the links about NerveGarden.
This team try to create a virtual garden on the internet, where
everybody will be able to grow his plant (using Lparser systems). they
plan to add music too..