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John K Clark (
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 21:44:56 -0700 (PDT)


(Tony Belding) Wrote:

>Since I posted my introduction to Project Star Net, I've beeen
>anxiously looking for responses -- any responses! I'm surprised
>that I haven't got any.

The basic idea has merit, I always thought the huge star ship Enterprise was
dumb because there is no point in hauling millions of tons of matter around
the galaxy when you can send the really important part, information, much
easier. The seeds would be very small and if it's a Von Neumann self
replicateor you'd only need to make one. Even if they moved no faster than
existing space probes (a very unlikely possibility) there would be several in
every star system in the galaxy in just an instant of time, less than
50 million years. I don't see any such probes in our galaxy and that's one
reason I think ET's are unlikely.

However, before any of this happens we will have achieved immortality and
mastered Nanotechnology, uploading and artificial intelligence, and it will
be a radically different world. I don't think an organization to promote
this idea could do much good, by the time it happens any ideas we have now on
the subject won't be of any use, it would be like Pikaia, the first animal
with a spinal cord that lived 570 million years ago worrying about the year
2000 computer bug.

John K Clark

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