Re: Plane crashes and other accidents

EvMick (
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 12:47:08 EDT

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<< I've seen a serious proposal for a system which could bring down an
entire 747 by parachute in a serious inflight emergency (or individual
pieces if the plane should partially break up in flight). The problem is
again cost and mass; AFAIR it requires fourteen large parachutes fitted
to various parts of the plane.
I seem to recall some time ago that one of the combat aircraft (?) was fitted
with a system whereby the entire crew compartment ejected as a whole with
built in parachutes...what would be the problem in having such a concept for
commercial passenger aircraft? That is: in the event of a "crash and burn"
emergency the pilot could eject the passenger compartment. It then descending
on it's own automatically deployed chutes. Since said compartment would be
much lighter than the entire airframe it would possible require less chutes.

Of course...the redesign of the airframe might negate any saving.

And the pilots might complain...but presumably they might be trained in the
use of individual parachutes...or have a seperate system for the pilot

Just speculation.