Letter From The PREZ.

Wed, 15 Apr 98 08:06:55 EST

More and more companies are downsizing.

More and more people are working for themselves, and many are [or want
to] work out of their homes.

There are something like 80,000,000 users of the Internet today, and the

Net is a wild, crazy ever-changing, anarchistic baby that seems to be
living in the days of the Wild West! There are no rules, because
technology keeps changing the playing field.

So how can an individual work from home and take advantage of the Net?

Its hard. Really hard. If you are selling a service, or a product, and

you are not a large company, just what can you do?


Spam? No - responsible email, with no hype, no lies, no bull. Yes,
there are some who say that ANY form of unsolicited email is illegal.


There are no laws against bulk email so long as the message is not
fraudulent, just like regular bulk mail.

So, by using responsible email, you can reach that huge market at a
fraction of the cost of traditional bulk mail. Less than 1/10th of a
cent per address...

We will send 100,000 pieces of email for just $99 with up to one full
page of text. The only other limitation is that it cannot be a chain
letter, pornography or hate mail.

Drop us a line at webmaster@alpha-services.com, or fax 561-835-0690, or
call 561-835-4077 and we will send complete details.

Thanks for your time.

Dave Kaplan, President
(You really didn't think this was from THE Prez, did you?)