Re: The Colonization of Cypherspace

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Mon, 13 Apr 1998 08:14:36 -0500 (CDT)

At 00:52 4/13/98 PDT, you wrote:
>Imagine we could change the laws of physics, so that we could make a
>material with the following properties: cheap as concrete, and tough
>enough to withstand the blast of a supernova. Out of this we could make
>walls, safes, locks, armor light enough to coat vehicles
>and wear as clothes, envelopes impervious to snooping or
>tampering, and a wide variety of other devices to defeat violence
>against individuals and their property. The security possible for
>individuals in our current physical world would be put to shame.
>I know of a frontier where these kinds of materials are available.
>Specifically, one-way functions, trapdoor one-way functions, and the
>other building blocks of cypherspace. Offensive computations could
>quite literally consume the energies of supernovae, and still not crack
>codes generated by a lowly Intel chip. These codes are currently
>available. In the future with quantum cryptography, security against
>computers and quantum computers of even infinite energies is possible.
>Out of these ultratough materials of cypherspace, we can really
>build a Galt's Gulch: heretofore merely a metaphorical
>ideal or a hopeless dream about physical security.
>James Hart

Just an aside for US readers: there is an effort in Congress to restrict
encryption, again - see

This provides news on encryption regulations and information on how to
contact seators and 'representatives' to voice your veiws on said legislation..

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