META: Re: [Meta] - Attachment problem???

Eugene Leitl (
Sun, 12 Apr 1998 14:53:10 +0400 (MSD)

Grant Sparks writes:
> The person was just getting up your nose. While your messages *do* contain an

But for the right reason. I find both meaningless attachements as well
as HTML in mail highly irritating. Heck, I'll next start sending in
UNICODE solely. (What, you can't read UNICODE? You'd better upgrade,
asap). And attach PDF documents with some fine heraldics. Hey, that's
only 5 MBytes each, why don't you have a T1 in your living room?
Loser. I think we ought to make voice mail attachments mirroring the
post contents mandatory for posts to extropy. The archive server will
love it.

I should really look for that misformed tag that crashes IE/Eudora and
put that into my .sig. Or do a little JavaScript which tries to open
100 browser windows, attempting to hijack them all to heavily Javaed
bestiality sites. What, you don't have 512 MBytes RAM and a quad-CPU?

> attachment (turn it off by setting to 'send plain text only' in your address

Why use a mailer where this is on by default? Why using a mailer which
ignores Internet standards to basic they are practically graven in
stone? Just because it comes preinstalled? I thought this list's
participants are supposed to tech-savvy.

> book settings for this list) but they are approximately the same size as the
> original text anyway - only a few milliseconds of download time is added. This
> is common for users of Microsoft email clients, so everyone go and look at your
> setting to make sure you are set correctly.

Yeah, we should all just lay back, and mellow up a bit. Orelse it is
just too difficult to have it shoved up your ass.

> I bet the person who complained is also the sort that starts beeping at traffic
> lights if the cars don't start moving within 1/8 of a second.

I have a distance-radar automatics wired to launch a rocket for that
case. Works as a charm, every time.