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>is diet (grossly simplified for space sake) has basicly only one rule...cut
>back on carbohydrated to less than 25grams a day...for the "induction
>diet".(eat ANYTHING else...and as much as you want..just NO carbs) .this
>induces a state of "ketosis"...<medical term...means fat burning>...therefor
>weight is lots...but NO (well hardly any) lean muscel mass.

Well, not "hardly any", but a lot less than you'd expect. This actually
does work. When you eat virtually no carbohydrates your citric acid cycle
fails and your body switches to an alternate fat oxidation system. Your
body has to ship large quantities of fats in ketones around in the blood.
Since your kidney lack the ability to retain these, they get lost in the
urine. The situation resembles that of somebody with advanced diabetes,
although this kind of ketosis won't kill you directly.

You can lose weight like crazy on this plan. You will also be physically
often nauseous, and you will smell like nail polish remover. If you go
on the diet and then off it, you will gain back all you lost. If you stay
on it, you'll subject your body indefinitely to a metabolic regime it's
manifestly not adapted for. Research on the long-term safety of ketotic
diets is zilch, which I consider inexcusable given than Dr. Atkins has been
pushing this diet for 25 years. Not even a rodent study! Dr. Atkins' diet
may be a good thing, but he is a quack.

>So........I imagine the militant veggies are a trifle upset with
>could be called a "hi protein" , "hi fat" or "meat eaters" diet.

I've always wanted to get a ketotic diet proponent in a room with a vegan
to watch the fireworks :-)

>I've talked to several people who swear by it...claiming weight loss of ten
>pounds a month...(more...but lets not get too carried away)...

No doubt they do exaggerate, but you will lose a lot on the Atkins diet.
In addition to substantial fat loss, ketosis is a strong diuretic and you'll
lose a lot of water as well. Of course, you'll get the water back within
24 hours of your first candy bar.