Re: humanism vs. transhumanism

Dan Fabulich (
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 15:47:22 -0400


Oops, accidentally pressed send on that last one... to conclude...

>The structure of the military is as well hirarchically as the structure of
>the industry. Both have structures where competence and responsibility are
>split from the top to the bottom; the people on the top make the decisions
>and have a high responsibillity whereas the people at the bottom carry out
>orders with a low responsibillity; only the managment -- the industrial ge-
>neral staff -- could change the production and the structure of the firm
>and have command of this structure of working.

... if organizing in another way would improve efficiency, then I suspect
you'd see more organizations incorporating it. But I'm not sure about this.

Either way, because companies DON'T have the power to force their workers
to do anything (legally) they are fundamentally different from the military.

>Because workers and human beings like Bill Gates or Rockefeller are *not*
>on the same level. Rich people have enough money to build up a firm; there-
>fore for them are to work for wage or to work for their own firms a real
>alternativ; but if you have to work for wage and must spend most of your
>wage for your survive you are not able to earn enough money to build up
>your own firm. Therefore you are forces to earn wage your hole life.

See my last e-mail... Workers can sell their labor to other firms or
invest in their own wages. Neither of these are theoretical; both of these
DO happen regularly. Therefore this model of the labor market is
completely wrong.

>Every costs of interests of all firms who produce, transport or sell a
>product are part of the price of this product. Every buyer of a product
>have to pay the price -- and all costs of interests inside. Rich people
>could invest there money and could earn this costs of interests back which
>they have to pay inside the prices -- or they earn more. But poor people
>who cann't invest their money because they need this money to survive can-
>not earn cost of interests back. Therefore they are not on the same level
>with the firm- and capital-owners. And therefore they cannot co-operate
>voluntary on the same level.

You're wrong, because (at least in America) the poor DO invest, ESPECIALLY
when they strike. And even the poor can sell their labor to another firm.
This model is completely and demonstrably wrong.

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