Sorry Anton

Ian Goddard (
Tue, 07 Apr 1998 03:46:41 -0400

I want to apologize to Anton Sherwood for calling
him a crackpot, even though he initiated the term
against me. I think that the problem is simply one
of misunderstanding, and I think that to a large
degree (the largest degree) the burden of that
problem rests on MY shoulders. If someone does
not understand what I say, and if, as in the
case of Anton, they are an intelligent person,
then I'm willing to and need to accept that this
is most likely because I have failed to properly
articulate and fully define what I'm saying.

If something is true, it tends to be immediately
self-evidence, and understanding tends to fall
in line rather quickly. There are big parts of
what I'm saying that do fall in line (we cannot
show where A is A free from not-A, thus not-A
must be part of the identity structure of A, yet
atomist tradition rejects such inclusion), but
there are also parts that contradict tradition,
which may mean I've yet to master my inquiry.

Well I'm well on the way!

What I have on my "drawing board" now is simply
fantastic! It abolishes the contradictory inter-
face between holism and atomism, and in so doing
embraces the atomist statement A=A and defines
a new category, or identity strata in which the
inverse statement exists. It covers all bases!

When Anton said I need a new term other than
"identity," he was mapping just that out...yet
it's not a new term, it's a new strata/level.
There is +A and -A, but also (absolute)A. The
whole identity of A defines/implies 3 things:
inside of A, outside of A, AND their logical
union -- that's just a surface skimming.

It seems to me that whenever we find a con-
tradiction, our problem is an effort to insert
two poles into one hole, or one pole into two
holes, and the only solution is to find another
hole or pole to establish a one-to-one mapping.

Paradoxes and contradictions are important signals,
and what they tell us is that either we are wrong,
or there is a hidden duality at work that we've
overlooked. The A/-A identity analysis is an
effort to map the "duality nature" of identity,
a reality that has been overlooked, proven by
the fact that the A=A paradigm contradicts
physical fact in which A is A relative to -A,
and "relative to" implies "is inclusive of."

I'm sorry Anton that I was so counter-attack
oriented. You've said good things about me,
and even stood up for me after the CNN thing,
and for that I'm grateful, even as in so doing
you tend to reduce my inquiries to something less
than mature. Since taking on the TWA 800 inquiry
and "wrong" theory promotion, I've been under more
personal assault that I could have ever imagined
my life would encounter, direct personal assault
from all levels of society, even Fed-Heads openly
curing my name live on the air! The weight of this
is nearly catastrophic to my psyche, and is a major
reason why I tried to "escape" with an apology only
to be set-up and shot down by the GovtMedia again.

Think about it, scan the Net, there are gazillion
conspiracy theories out there positing all manor
of evil onto to Govt, but little 'ol me, I'm the
one who has been repeated taken to the woodshed
by the GovtMedia. Why? Look at my work, with every
factoid included carefully referenced, it may be
the most responsible theory-promoting rumor-free
research you'll find anywhere. I'm attacked NOT
because I'm telling lies (as all the attacks
portray me as doing), no, I've been attacked
only because I'M WINNING THE ARGUMENT!!!!!

It's only too clear to see for anyone who takes
the time to look. The major media is uniformly
pro-Govt. They will not research anything that
would conclude that the Govt killed 230 people
and then acted to cover-up that truth. In fact,
they'll go out of their way to step on anyone
who does investigate such a grim possibility.

There is no evidence that supports any other
theory but the missile theory, that's a fact!
The spontaneous-center-fuel-tank combustion
theory is totally devoid of evidence, it is
a definitionally "crackpot theory." Its only
desirable feature is it absolves the Govt.

OK, enough already....

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