Re: Theories surrounding the Great Sphinx, et. al.

Thu, 2 Apr 1998 18:47:16 EST

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<< Finally, Graham Hancock ties all this together in his book (though it was
written first), "Fingerprints of the Gods" which has interesting discourse on
various subjects. Hancock asserts that there was a civilization in existence
some 10,000+ years ago with fairly advanced technolody (not Atlantis type
stuff but close to it. By the way, Hancock also thinks Atlantis is hidden
beneath the Antarctic ice sheets).

Remember they've recently found evidence of water travel 800,000 years ago!

Ive always thought this about Antarctica, because there is evidence of forests
underneath, but recently i found out that they're over a million years old, is
there any new information on this?

Also, they've recently found a room underneath the Sphinx, but havent opened
it yet.