Re: Burning the Cosmic Commons

Robin Hanson (hanson@econ.Berkeley.EDU)
Thu, 02 Apr 1998 11:27:32 -0800

At 04:10 PM 3/28/98 +0300, you wrote:
'gene writes:
> > >Where are the artefacts? Where are the global signatures (IR holes in the
> > >skies)?
> >
> > In my model, they may not stay around long enough to build visible artifacts.
>I buy this for pioneering autoreplicators, but 1) due to mutations,
>they will spawn off squatters 2) squatters are soon to follow
>pioneer's footsteps, anyway.

This sounds plausible. It's not something I've modeled, but I'd like to get
to it sometime (anyone want to fund a study? :-). It's not clear
how much mutation there will be in such entities though.

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