Sphinx was(Re: Idiocy on Mars)

Berrie Staring (staring@worldonline.nl)
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 22:44:30 +0200

John wrote:
> Most of the Sphinx is a lot older than that, it was a natural limestone
> Considering its proximity to the site proposed for Chepsos's new pyramid
> was probably considered an eyesore by the builders, there may even have
> talk of laboriously removing it, until some artistic genius took a good
> at that oblong outcrop of rock and said " You know, I think I can do
> with that". The evidence that any portion of the Sphinx carved by humans
> older than 5 thousand years is weak, to put it politely.

I don't have the intention to add more noise then there allready is.
But, this one is keeping me busy some time now.....
So, John, if you don't mind could you tell me a bit more.
I was pretty impressed by this "rain-marks on the sphinx" thing....



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